Holiday Checklist

Holiday checklist

Going away for work or on holiday and having to make arrangements for your pets at home can be very stressful. I recommend that you consider your options carefully and don’t leave it to the last minute.

Once you have decided to use a professional pet sitting service it is important to tell them as much as possible about your pet’s habits for this will make it easier for them to care for your pets. Honesty is important, if your dog is an ‘escaper’ when the door opens or your cat is a scent-marker let them know.

I have found this checklist of things to consider in preparation for pet sitting useful and would like to share it with you:

Detailed info about your pets  
What is your pet’s routine – eating, sleeping, exercise and playing
Where do they sleep? Any rooms off limit?
Favourite toys?
Where do you pets like to hide?
Any unusual habits, your puppy might urinate when nervous
Any minor or major health issues? If this is the case make sure all the information regarding vets etc are provided and updated in your PawsNClaws profile. Remember to arrange with your vet before you go away for emergency payments.
Pet food and supplies:
Ensure there is enough supplies to last while you are away. Leave the pet food in one spot for easy access and be sure to include the following:

·       food (main meals, dry food, wet food, treats, chewing bones) Include the tin opener and a spoon.

·       water bowls

·       medications (vitamins, flea, tick, lice, heartworm, worm and mange treatment, with dosage information)

·       toys

Bedding (basket, mattress with pillows, blankets, spares for washing) Include a piece of worn clothing to remind them of you while you’re away.

Cleaning equipment for your animal (medicated shampoo, towels, hoses, brushes, clippers and scissors)

Cleaning equipment for your pet’s messes in your home (mops, brushes, sponges, disinfectant)

Introduction to pet sitter:
It is important for your pet to spend some time with the pet sitter in your company before you leave.  Let the pet sitter handle your animals in your presence to get everyone acquainted before you go.
Preparing your home:
It is a good idea to pet proof your home before you leave. You might know of the hazards but your pet sitter will not. Put anything away that could be harmful to your pet.

Consider the following:

  • If you have hazardous substances in your garage rather make this area off limit and lock the door.
  • Seal off any routes to cellar or attic and fix broken fences to ensure your pets can’t get lost or escape.
  • Secure swimming pool gates
Tag your keys on collection:
Put your name and not your address on a tag so that the pet sitter knows exactly whose key they have, this minimizes security risks.
Communicate your plans:
It is important for your sitter to know what time you leave and what time you return home. This is to ensure no feeds/visits are missed. Sitters can also put lights on for you if you are arriving late at night.
Time to Pet:
Ensure that your pet profile on “Time to Pet” has been created or updated, we will provide the access details.