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Are you an Animal lover and want to earn some extra Cash? We are looking for animal lovers over the age of 18 with a valid drivers license and own car, who can do daily visits or stay overs at a clients home to care for their pets when they are away.Sitters must have a reliable cell phone and data to take pictures and upload feedback to the client via WhatsApp. We require our sitters to be available over weekends, public holidays, school holidays, and Peak times like April (Easter), December and January.

No Experience is necessary but will be an advantage.

If you would like to Join the PawsNClaws Team then please complete the application form.

You will never need to worry about how your
pup is doing in our care!

What does Pet Sitting entail?

PawsNClaws offers house sitting, which is an overnight service where you will stay at a client’s house to keep an eye on their pets, as well as pet sitting where you will feed the pet, give them fresh water and play with them either once or twice a day.

When you sign up to become a PawsNClaws pet sitter, you can let us know what type of services you would be interested in doing. We will then pair you with a customer based on your preferences and location. We make all the arrangements, including where to pick up keys and where the pet’s food is located to make sure you can slot your new pet sitting duties into your schedule.

Reasons to Become a Pet Sitter

Extra Income

Maybe you need to save money for the new year, pay off debt or have a dream holiday in mind. Being a pet sitter will give you an extra way to earn money and fund your passions.

You are in control

You only accept jobs that appeal to you. If you are scared of large dogs or you aren’t able to sleep over at a client’s house, we will keep that in mind and make sure you’re paired with a suitable client.

Flexibility & Freedom

You can take on as much work or as little as you like and you get to fit your pet sitting duties into your schedule.

Health Benefits

Playing fetch in the garden is a great way to spend some time outdoors and move your body. With all the extra activity, you are bound to not only get fitter, but also have lots of fun while doing it.

Mini Holiday

Pet sitting is kind of like a mini holiday. Step out of the daily grind, change your environment and experience the joy of loving animals who are missing their owners – all while earning extra cash!

Why Paws n Claws ?

We not only have an established reputation in the industry, but we also have a long list of clients in various areas who are looking for pet sitters. We take care of all the administration for you so that you can focus on taking care of the animals – and you get paid for your time!

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